What's this?

Snap Me Up is an alarm clock that needs to be turned off snapping a selfie.
It works in a very simple way:
• Set your alarm and go to bed
• When it’s time, the alarm will rings opening the camera for you
• At this moment you have to turn on the lights or go to a very lighten spot to be detected by the camera and enable the dismiss button
• Now touch the dismiss button to take a snap or long press to make a video. Good morning!

Your sleepy snap or video with your alarm’s name and time, will be saved in your gallery where you can watch and share it with your friends.
It’s very funny especially to remember the morning after your fantastic life moments like parties, holidays or just your daily routine.

Dreams are incredible, they carry us in fantastic stories that our mind creates while we are sleeping, sometimes better than films.
So if you had a dream to remember write it in your dream diary, it’s funny, colorful and also curious to read!

Have you put your cake in the oven?
Set a timer!
They have fantastic shapes and colors, use them and your cakes will be the most delicious ever!

If you get into bed and can’t fall asleep, use the “Help me sleep” feature, it will play relaxing sounds like ocean’s waves or rain droplets to help you relax and sleep better.

Wake up with a snap, smile to a new day!

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